Lake Ontario Confirmation

Taking a charter is a very exciting experience. There are many things you can do to make the most out of any fishing trip.

The sun could be a major factor during a day on the water, the reflection of sunlight off the water tends to double the sun’s intensity compared to a day on land, sunglasses are essential and polarized lenses help to reduce glare from the water’s surface.

Rain gear is always a good idea to have just in case of a unexpected shower, soft soled shoes with good traction are very important, we encourage you to bring your camera and video equipment.

The season will play a major role in what you should bring on your trip, spring time can be a little brisk and it is a good idea to bring extra layers during the cooler months.

Summer time should make sun screen a must have as well as some type of a hat, lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants are becoming popular forms of sun protection.

The rule of thumb is to plan for all the variables and pack accordingly; a small duffle bag should be perfect for each person.

If you are even slightly susceptible to sea sickness, we suggest that you consider some sort of remedy, for most people, over-the-counter medications, such as Dramamine seems to work fine, a popular trick is to take a dose prior to bedtime the night before departure (effectiveness is greatly reduced if you wait until symptoms appear). As with any medications, please consult a physician first, other remedies include ginger ale and pressure bands wore on wrist.
Two coolers are recommended, one usually left in your vehicle for the catch and the other to bring aboard with all your food and beverages.

We clean and bag your catch for you, we advise you on current size and catch limits, as well as conservation ethics, once you have reached your limit, we will of course keep fishing for catch and release fun.

Remember that we offer taxidermy services to remember that fish of a lifetime; tell the Captain that you are interested in mounting your fish.

                 Marina / Hotels / Restaurants                             

                 Long Island Sound Marina                   1 martin Place Port Chester, New York

Please try to bring one vehicle, call Captain Steve when you arrive so he can show you where to park.

Dunkin Donuts / Open 24 Hours

Gas Station / Open 24 Hours

Wing House                                                 Train                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Trip cancellation due to hazardous weather is at the discretion of the Captain, a full refund of your deposit will made, or the trip may be rescheduled for a future date; rain in itself will not be a factor and will in some cases make the fishing better.

All bait and tackle is supplied, however you are more than welcome to bring your favorite rod or lures and of course we are always open to suggestions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

My goal is to Create lasting memories for every person on every trip.  Best Regards, Capt. Steve




A sport fishing trip with your friends and family fishing on the Hudson River, Lake Ontario, or Long Island Sound is such a great way to spend a day, we have seen so many groups have the time of their lives fishing together, or just hanging out enjoying each others company, from office and business outings to family groups, it really is a great way to bring people together. Excitement is almost certain and memories are created that you and the rest of your fishing crew will not soon forget.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted! All Major Credit Cards Accepted!